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Do employment attorneys for a ADA discrimination matter in the Chicago area work on contigency?

Hoffman Estates, IL |

Can I be pointed in the right direction? I am more than happy to call any respective attorney and provide information.

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Personal injury lawyers take contingency cases. Employment law is usually hourly.

It is time for a lawyer, not a website, to discuss what claims you may have. AVVO is a free general legal information blog, not a substitute for legal advice. Look for an attorney you would like to have a consultation with. You can use Find a Lawyer tab above, right here in AVVO. Select an attorney, contact them directly and schedule a consultation. You might be glad you did.


Yes many operate on a contingency fee basis if the case is strong enough. You can try to find one through NELA. See link below.

My answering this question does not form an attorney-client relationship. Always retain a qualified attorney before taking any action. My office offers free consultations.


Depending on the strength and weaknesses of the case, an employment attorney might take your case completely on contingency. Our firm does this on a limited basis.