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Do child support arrest warrants and license suspensions carry from state to state<

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I'm in Florida,and my son's father has left the state,fleeing from child support. Florida child support is probably one of the worst in the country.They make it seem that they REALLY want to help,but they don't. My case was made by ME! They did absolutely NOTHING to find my son's father! If not for MY work, i wouldn't have gotten the little child support i have received. But once again, he's pulling the same disappearing act, but this time, his license has been suspended and there is an arrest warrant for him in place. But i received some surprising news the other day, if he out of the state of Florida, the license suspension and arrest warrant are no good! is this for real?? And i was also told that Florida ONLY searches for the parent IN Florda, not out of state. please tell me i'm wrong

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Unfortunately, you are correct that when a license is suspended in FL or an arrest order is issued in FL, if the non-paying obligor has left the state, then FL will NOT search for the parent outside of FL. In fact, due to state sovereignty, the FL order would have limited effect outside of the state of FL and you will need to have the order registered for enforcement in whatever state he is now in.

If you find out where he's working the FL DOR can still put in place an inter-state income deduction order to withhold the $ from his pay, to get the "teeth" of the Court you'll need to have it enforced in the state he's living in now.

Occasionally another sister state will pick up on the FL driver's license suspension and extend reciprocity to the order, but that is the exception to the rule, and as for the FL arrest order, the FL court does not have the authority to order sheriffs in other states to arrest the obligor so unless he gets picked up on some other warrant involving extradition, odds are the arresting officers will never know about the FL child support warrant.

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