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Do asylum officers have the right to ask my immigration status?

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First of all, I don't have legal status in the US. I applied asylum when I had valid non-immigration visa, unfortunately got denied. Then I added some new evidence such as news reports regarding me and submitted a motion to reopen. Till this point, I was under legal visa. However, after an unexpected long waiting period, my visa got expired. I became a funny illegal immigrant. Today, I'm still waiting for the decision on that motion to reopen. I'm curies why they didn't sent me to the immigration court since I lost my legal status. But this is not the end of my story.
In order to make a live, sometimes I hired by people who can't speak english to be an interpreter on asylum interviews.

In some cases the asylum officer asks my immigration status, but it rarely happens. I don't really like to lie to them. Q 1: If I would be ask these questions next time, could I refuse to discuses my immigration status with them? Q2: Do asylum officers have the power to make an arrested? or they could simply inform that ICE guy in their office to arrest me? Q3: If I escape from the arrest, would I be charged resisting arrest? I really don't like to go to the restaurants to wash dishes if I don't have to. Of course I taxed most of my incomes last year. I'm a kind of like this half day job which could provide me a lot of free time while paying the rent and feed myself. Please help me guys, those concerns had bothered me too much. I can't find a solid answer although I've done a lot of internet research.

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Yes, you must reveal your immigration status, and although you probably will be arrested, if your case is not approved, you will be placed under removal proceedings before an Immigration Judge.

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Asylum officers may request information on any part of the case in order to assist them in making a determination. This includes requesting immigration status of the applicant.

If you are seeking professional assistance to expedite your case, determine the status, or prepare a defense, I strongly suggest that you consult with an immigration attorney.

This attorney is Board Certified and speaks Spanish and French. For more information, click through to the web site. Coincidentally, I was born in Flushing.


Yes, the Asylum officers may ask your immigration status and you must be honest. These questions you pose should be discussed in a confidential setting with an experienced immigration lawyer, not over the internet.

For more information, contact our Immigration Law Firm for a confidential consultation.

Good luck to you.

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