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Do anyone know if you have to take a written test at DMV for a dui offense?

Sacramento, CA |

after completed a Dui program and getting a sr22.. taking everything to DMV to renew your Driver License, is DMV going to have you take a written test to get your driver license back?

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There are three things you must do to get your license back after a DUI conviction and serving the suspension.

1. Complete a 1st offender DUI class. The class will electronically transmit proof of completion to the DMV.

2. Obtain SR-22 insurance.

3. Pay a $125 reissue fee.

There is no requirement that you take a written test.


Just pay a reissue fee.


There is no requirement for a written test after a suspension for DUI. As long as there are no other suspensions affecting your license, your SR 22 and proof of completion are properly filed with the DMV, and you pay the reissue fee, your license should be reinstated.


Just make sure the SR22 is on file and pay the reissuance fee.