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Do molestation victims have to testify in front of a jury in court?

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my friend is in a case where she was molested by her father. She has already been asked questions about everything has happened which was back in April. She has been given the chance to move out of state and she was told by her mother that she would have to testify in court even after she has already been video taped for evidence for the jury to see.

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Often yes, because people accused of crimes have a right to see the people be in court testifying against them. However, in sex assault situations - especially with younger children - they may have them in another room or staged so that they cannot see the defendant directly while they testify.

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Be sure to contact the District Attorneys office or speak to the Victim Advocate with their office. Be sure to have your friend voice all of her concerns and also write to the District Attorneys office expressing any concerns she has. She needs to leave a paper trail in case she ends up getting a subpoena and show caused later (although I would highly doubt that would happen given what you described above). Tell her good luck!

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