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Do i have a case when i get into wreck the police take me to jail rather than the ER

Reno, NV |

I have a lawyer in a case of wreck, at begain i gave 5 witness # numbers after 14 mo he could only get a hold of 1 witness to my case then 1 mo half he could not get a hold that witness no more, during all this time my lawyer is stateing to me that am not going to win my case and that reno, pd dont like me, police did not take me to the ER after the wreck,< do i have a case there> the person that hit me was not tested for a dui but i was the police report was all wrong the took 2 witneess statements out 5 and the 2 leid becuase they did not want to get in trouble for j- walking at time i was cuffed up sent to to jail on warrent that was misminder, the other driver went home w/out makeing a stateme

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No. You do not have a case.

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A case for what? Personal injury? The answer to that question isbest given by someone that has reviewed our records and liability in your accident -- and that person should be a Nevada attorney.

Good luck to you.

In no way am I offering you legal advice, and in no way has my comment created an attorney-client relationship. You are not to rely upon my note above in any way, but insted need to sit down with counsel and share all relevant facts before receiving fully-informed legal advice. If you want to be completely sure of your rights, you must sit down with an experienced criminal defense attorney to be fully aware of your rights.


Evidence in its broadest sense includes everything that is used to determine or demonstrate the truth of an assertion. Giving or procuring evidence is the process of using those things that are either (a) presumed to be true, or (b) were themselves proven via evidence, to demonstrate an assertion's truth. Evidence is the currency by which one fulfills the burden of proof.

Many issues surround evidence, making it the subject of much discussion and disagreement.
An important distinction in the field of evidence is that some circumstantial evidence and direct evidence, or evidence that suggests truth as opposed to evidence that directly proves truth. Many have seen this line to be less-than-clear and significant arguments have arisen over the difference.

The burden of proof is the burden of providing sufficient evidence to shift a conclusion from an oppositional opinion. Whoever does not carry the burden of proof carries the benefit of assumption. Whoever bears the burden of proof must present sufficient evidence to move the conclusion to their own position. The burden of proof must be fulfilled both by establishing positive evidence and negating oppositional evidence.
What do you think a jury will draw from what you have said in your ?????????

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