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Divorce settlement modification

Plymouth, NH |

At time of my divorce I was a stay at home father for a period of 5 yrs. My ex wife had chose to further her career in nursing.Hence me becoming a stay at home dad. during that time she obtained 2 degrees and went from an RN to A nurse mgr making substantially more money. At that point she sought a divorce. we had a home on 2 acres and were living very comfortably. I left with the clothes on my back, and was without council at the time of my divorce. Is there any relief that can be sought at this point? I was married in MA but divorced in NH...I now live in Orlando FL

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You need to provide more information. It depends on the terms of the settlement agreement or judgment and the circumstances surrounding it being entered into.

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Im not sure what information you need? I was without council. I was a stay at home dad for 5 yrs at the time of my irreconcilable difference was the the grounds for that divorce. we had a home. I got zero.


What was written in your divorce agreement re: future (not past or present) alimony? How long were you married? Who has the children now? These are questions to help any attorney determine whether you have some options to go back in court given some change in circumstances (ie. your former wife's increased earnings). Good luck.

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