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Divorce separation under Kansas law, do both parties need to sign papers in a contested divorce?

Wichita, KS |

How can a divorce be finalized if I refused to sign the divorce papers? Also, why was I not allowed in court for my own divorce?

My husband of 24 years left for me for another woman. My ex-husband was already in Wisconsin, living with his tramp and waiting for the divorce to be final so they could marry. I never had a chance to be disruptive in court, seeing as I never got to go in. I had an attorney through Kansas Legal Services, and he only got me 48 months of spousal support. He said it could be modified, and I refused to sign the divorce papers because I did not agree with them. This is my last month of spousal support. I tried to get help from KS Legal Services again, but their answer after the intake was that they are not taking cases like this right now. So, once again I am left hanging in the wind. I am disabled and I had to adopt our granddaughter just to keep her with family. I still got raked over the coals. He had it all set up, had liquidated his 401K, bought a brand new truck, etc., then he told me he wanted the divorce and filed for it.

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In general, the signatures of both parties are not required in a divorce. If proper procedures are followed, one spouse may obtain final divorce documents.

As to why you were not allowed to be in court for your own divorce, since no one here knows the details of your case, no one can offer an opinion as to what happened in your particular case.

In one scenario, I suppose if a party is disruptive enough, the court may remove that party from the court room.

You may want to review your facts and options with a local attorney. Often, there is only a few days to ask the court to re-consider decisions in a divorce case.


I agree with my colleague Mr. Nguyen. One signature is enough.


Only one signature is required to finalize a divorce. You should hire an attorney if you cannot obtain one from legal services.


The signatures of both parties are not required in a divorce.

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