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Divorce procedures in WA state, father's right to child custody, child and spousal support under WA state law.

Renton, WA |

My wife is looking to get a divorce. We have 2 kids and a house. I am wondering what my rights are in the state of Washington.

Can she take the house? Can we have equal custody of the kids or can I have custody? She is a fabulous person. I have worked and supported the family and she has been a stay at home mom. She is currently looking for work.

Where do I stand?

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Avvo has a legal guide on Divorce in Washington State. Please review and let us know if you have further questions.


There is no legal requirement that a party in a civil case has to hire an attorney. However, the court expects self-represented parties to know the law and procedures. Unless you want to learn what you will need to know, it may be cost-efficient to hire an attorney.

How your case will turn out depend on your specific facts and on the two parents. The more you two agree with each other, the less time-consuming and expensive your case will be.

Without knowing your relevant facts, no one can determine where you stand.