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Divorce or annulment and property rights

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I will be married 7 years this July and have been the financial supporter for 6 of those years. My husband has some medical issues but has never been declared disabled. He self medicates and it is because of this that I am inquiring about my rights if I should choose to divorce or seek an annulment. Living in CA I'm concerned that he gets half of what I own. I do not own property but have a pension at my place of employment. Also, because he doesn't work, would I be responsible to support him? He has never contributed to our financial well being and if any, was the main cause for a filing of bankruptcy 6 years ago. (I couldn't pay my bills and his).

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You haven't said anything which suggests that the facts would support a request for an annulment. An annulment can only be granted for very specific reasons (one spouse still married to someone else; one spouse below the age of consent to marry at the time of marriage, one spouse so mentally ill as to be unable to consent to marriage, etc.) and many of those also carry a specific time limit.You should speak to an experienced family law attorney about your rights and obligations.,


Mr. Gould-Saltman presents you with excellent legal advice. I agree with him 100%. Accordingly, if there are no facts to justify filing for an annulment, then you are legally responsible for the medical bills and other debts incurred during the marriage. If you have found this helpful and/or the best answer, please relay that information to the attorney by checking on the appropriate box below. It is greatly appreciated. Thank you and best of luck to you.

Please note that this answer does not constitute legal advice, and should not be relied on, as each situation is fact specific, and it is not possible to evaluate a legal problem without a comprehensive consultation and review of all the facts and court pleadings filed in the case. This answer does not create an attorney-client relationship.


Attorney Saltman above is exactly correct; those are the only grounds for an annulment. And yes, he can ask spousal support. Seek a local family law attorney.

Thomas Neil is a Sacramento attorney, with 20 years experience, representing clients in court in Sacramento, the Bay Area, and surrounding counties. Or, if you cannot afford full representation then Mr. Neil can instead write you the forms and declaration you need, help you serve them, and tell you what to say and you can go to court by yourself. A well written declaration by an attorney, supported by proper evidence, will GREATLY increase your chances of success in court. Our office takes credit cards.

Thomas A Neil
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Thomas Allen Neil

Thomas Allen Neil


PS, actually fraud is another grounds for annulment but nothing in your facts gives you a good case for annulment.

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