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Divorce mediation preparation and procedure under FL laws

Orlando, FL |

I have Mediation today, And I'm the one who filed for the divorce because he alway's put's it off for over 10 years now! My 17 year old daugter has been with me for the past 4 years and he has claimed her twice in his income tax when she was living with me. He has plenty of money, But it's his Girlfriends ans they are living place to place in South Florida. He will be at Mediation, Any advice what steps or what my demands should be?? I'm unemployed and will be evicted soon if my rent is not up to date, I'm very scared for my daughter and I. Need some quick advice! Thank You and God Bless

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First of all, you can file amended tax returns for past years. Use an accountant. It will trigger an audit but if you provided her support and he has provided nothing, then you may be entitled to the exemption. If on the other hand, you have been unemployed, does it make a difference that he claimed her? Review his financial affidavit and supporting documents. Try to ensure your daughter gets health insurance through his employer. Consult an attorney so you know whether you are entitled to alimony, unequal equitable distribution, and similar items. Do not sign anything unless you are certain it settles everything as it is binding.