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Divorce laws in GA, filing divorce decrees with the court, does alimony/spousal support end after husbands death

Senoia, GA |

I have two questions:

1. Do all Orders for divorce decrees have to be filed with the District Court to be considered legally binding on the parties?

2. If a stipulation in the separation agreement requires the husband to pay the wife alimony until she dies or remarries, would the husband's estate have to continue alimony payments to the wife after his death?

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Attorney answers 1


Question 1: The divorce paperwork must be filed in the Superior Court in the county in which the defendant resides. It is not legally binding unless a final order has been issued by the judge of that Superior Court.

Question 2: Yes, the husband's estate must continue to pay the alimony until the wife either remarries or dies if that is what is stated in the separation agreement.

You would need to consult an attorney to address the particulars of your own situation.