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Divorce judgement- How long do I have to pay? Do I continue payment "Husband shall continue to pay the life insurance policies"

Riverview, FL |

My final divorce papers states I have to pay polices. Both children are now older then 18. X is remarried. No alimony or payments to X.

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Need more information, however I will try to answer your question. Usually a former spouse is required to obtain life insurance policies to secure alimony or child support should the payor die before their obligation is over. If this is the case and you are no longer paying child support or alimony you could let thatr policy lapse or change the beneficiary.


I would need to review your documents however it would appear that you have no support obligations so you would not be required to maintain any insurance to ensure support. Contact my office for free consultation 727-446-7659


The final judgment should set forth your obligations, but sometimes they are written in legalese, difficult to understand. I would have to look at the order to tell you for sure what your obligations are.


Your obligation for life insurance likely terminated at the timee your children reached the age of 18 and your former wife remarried. Without reviewing your divorce documents, however, I can not be absolutely certain as to the extent of your obligation. If the insurance policy was part of a property settlement there may be a continuing responsiblilty on your part to keep it in force. Hope this helps.