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Divorce is not effective till other party receive documents by hand?is it a Michigan law?

Romulus, MI |

i am turned out from my home and living in another state .kindly tell me is it a law in MI.

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The divorce enters when the Judge signs the Judgment of Divorce. You can call the courthouse in the county to see if the order was signed and request a copy.

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If your whereabouts are unknown, then how can you be given the documents? The answer is "NO," it is not the law. There are procedures by which you may have been divorced and never know it. Once the Judge signs the Judgment of Divorce, the divorce is final and the marriage ended.

Neil M. Colman

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In Michigan there must be service of the divorce papers on the other party for there to be a divorce. Talk to an attorney for more advice and information.

Good luck to you.

Henry Gornbein


The divorce is completed when the judge signs the divorce documents. Perhaps you are referring to the initial pleadings or complaints? If this is just the begining of the process then you really should make sure that you are apart of it. There are many excellent attorney who can help you.

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Are you referring either to Islamic "Talaq", or to being told by your spouse to leave, when you say that you were "turned out of your home"?

If you are, then you should know that, under Michigan law, there is no divorce unless a case is filed in Court, you are given notice, and, at the conclusion of the case, the judge signs a "Judgment" stating that you are divorced. Being "turned out of your home" does not give or grant a divorce.

Because you are living in another State, it is possible that your spouse gave you notice of a divorce case by publication, namely, a notice in a newspaper.

You should call a family lawyer in a county in, or near, where you and your spouse lived. The lawyer can check to see if a divorce was filed in a Court, and the status of that case. It is very important for you to contact a family lawyer, make an appointment with the lawyer, and discuss the case with the lawyer.

Good luck to you.

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