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Divorce in Ma

Needham, MA |

Our total marital estate is about 2.5 million one house with no mortgage and westport home with 100k on the mortgage, absent that no debt- what should I expect the max a divorce will cost with an average lawyer on both sides?

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An average- attorney who will not throw fuel on the fire or create discovery unnecessarily nor be comative or aggressive without cause- that type of lawyer, if you can find two of those, the divorce in total can cost as little as $3000.00 if it is mostly collaborative to $15,0000.00 if there is a bit of contention- However if either of you finds one of the angry type lawyers who take out their own personal agenda on cases and make sure to bill bill bill, you each can pay 50k and up. Do your homework, don't pay for a consult, don't abuse the lawyers time during the consult and hire someone who you feel you can trust and who is lookiing to resolve your case with integrity and class not make his or her billable bonus month/year. Take care and good luck.

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Uncontested $1500-$5000.00 contested $10k up.


There is no such thing as an "average" lawyer or an "average" divorce. What the divorce will cost will depend entirely upon how much fighting you do and how much agreement there is on the substantive issues.

You should discuss your situation with at least two local attorneys and see if you can find someone with whom you're comfortable.


Do your homework very, very carefully. There are many divorce attorneys in Massachusetts. Be very sure that you are getting a good one or the divorce will cost you an arm and a leg. You should find one with experience in the court in which you will be filing the case and one that you are comfortable with and that comes well regarded. Try to speak with prior clients rather than getting a referral from another lawyer (unless that lawyer was a client of the lawyer that you are considering hiring). If you have any reservations at all, find someone who you are comfortable with. Divorce is difficult enough. Being represented by counsel that does not meet the mark makes it 10x worse.

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