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Divorce in florida and child support worksheet

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I am completing the child support form that the court ordered me to do. I have two kids ... should i fill out 2 forms.... one with 2 children and one with 1 child. The court order states " If there is more than one child, as each child turns 18 years old, child support is to be recalculated for the remaining number of child(ren). For example, if there are 2 minor children , two support guideline worksheets are required; a worksheet for 2 children and a worksheet for 1 child. "
My question is should i complte the second worksheet now or wait until the first child reaches 18 yrs old?

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Since both numbers have to go into the court order now (one amount for two kids, then the other amount for just one child once the first child turns 18), you have to do two worksheets now.

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complete 2 worksheets now for 1 kid then 2 kids then file them


The goal is to make the future change in child support automatic, so that neither party has to drag themselves back into court to modify the child support amount after the each child "ages out", i.e. turns 18 (there are a handful of other reasons why child support would cease at a different time).

So basically, your first worksheet would establish child support from the day you filed your petition, until the oldest turns 18.

Then, the second worksheet would establish the child support amount from the day your oldest turns 18 until the youngest turns 18.

And child support ceases, automatically, when the youngest turns 18.

Again, there are a handful of other reasons why child support would cease at a different time.

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