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Divorce help!

Milwaukee, WI |

how do I help my daughter who lives in HI and is married to a man dishonorably discharged from the marines and is now in Iowa. He sent her divorce papers with untrue statements, like no debt and they do have debt etc. She signed them and sent back, didn't know what else to do. Now she is getting paperwork from his attorney stating she is in default, that she "accepted paperwork" she didn't it came in the regular mail and never responded. Which she mailed the signed paperwork back over a month ago. We really have no money to hire an attorney, but I am afraid she is in real trouble with all this. She eloped and went to HI with him later finding out he did to earn higher income from the marines, he blackmailed her with photographs, didn't give her any money for 2 months! what can I DO?

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I am sorry to hear of your daughter's difficulties.

Your probably can't help your daughter on your own. She needs to retain a competent divorce attorney to guide her through the divorce process. Your daughter signed some papers and sent them back but doesn't even know what the papers were although she did know that some of the statements in the papers were untrue. That can't be good!

I understand that it costs money to retain an attorney for your daughter but given what you have said, it sounds like she really needs to be represented. It is difficult to represent yourself in a divorce that is happening in another state and your spouse has representation and you do not. It is a prescription for disaster.