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Divorce decree states that I(the non custodial parent) am responsible for 1/2 medical bills.Do I have the right for a 2nd opin.

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My daughter is turning 18 in a few months. Her mother is haveing all her wisdom teeth extracted. She has one that is coming in through the side, which needs removed. We do not feel it is necessary to have the rest of them extracted. Her mother did not make me aware of the consultation, but I called I talked to the sugeons secretary and was told that they are all bothering her and that is a medical reason. We feel that this is not true and they are just wanting to remove the wisdom teeth before she turns 18. We are broke and are still paying for my 14 yr old sons wisdom teeth extractions 3 months ago. Please give me some help. Do I have a right to a second opinion? It states in the decree that I have the right to medical records. Thank You So Much

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Your daughter's teeth . You are ok with paying for your son's teeth, but not your daughter's. No advice. You explain it to the court.


Sadly, last minute "juicing" is common in bitter custody arrangements. The reality is that you're going to have a very tough time convincing a judge you shouldn't have to pay, even if you are correct in that the surgery isn't "necessary."

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