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Divorce Decree appeal timeline in Arizona

Mesa, AZ |

My divorce was finalized in Arizona on November 26, 2012. Can you tell me the time line for filing an appeal of my divorce decree in the state of Arizona and where I can find the rule or law stating this?

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your time for appeal expired last year


Take a look at the Arizona Rules of Family Law Procedure Rules 83, 84 and 85.


The actual time to file a "Notice of Appeal" is thirty (30) days after your orders were "entered". However, certain portions of your Decree can always be modified (support, parenting plan issues), and in certain limited circumstances, even other issues can be addressed longer thean 30 days after the Decree was entered. More information is necessary to outline those options.


I completely agree with Mr. Peters. I am only writing separately to answer your second question regarding the rule stating that you have 30 days from the entry of judgment. It's in the Rules of Civil Appellate Procedure (ARCAP), Rule 9(a).