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Divorce Decree

Garland, TX |

I will be writing my own divorce decree. Can someone tell me how to eloquently say, I am resonsible for my credit card debt, he is responsible for his. Any money that comes in after the final divorce from investments, profits, gains, refunds... made during the marriage will be split 50/50.

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Without knowledge of the specific assets, I can only point you in the right direction. See below:

IT IS ORDERED AND DECREED that the husband, [name of husband], shall pay, as a part of the division of the estate of the parties, and shall indemnify and hold the wife and her property harmless from any failure to so discharge, these items:

H-1. The following debts, charges, liabilities, and obligations: [describe each item specifically, by providing exact name of creditor, account number, and account balance].


IT IS ORDERED AND DECREED that the husband, [name of husband], is awarded the following as his sole and separate property, and the wife is divested of all right, title, interest, and claim in and to that property:

H-1. A [percent] percent interest in dividends, splits, gains, refunds and other rights and privileges in connection with the following stocks, bonds, and securities, or accounts, arising during the marriage, but paid after the date of divorce: [describe each account/asset specifically, by providing exact name of institution, account number, and account balance].


You will not have much luck trying to enforce a decree that divides any income which comes to one of the parties after marriage. It would be better to split the assets that earn the income into separate accounts before the divorce is final.


You may also want to hire an attorney just to look over the decree, talk with you about it, and make sure you don't leave anything out (retirement accounts, FERS accounts are examples of something commonly left out). You could even do this for a flat fee.

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