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Divorce before CG - Immigration

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I am in trouble... I came to US because I believed in love... My husband is my first love. I was 17 when I met him. After 25 years he found me again. Short story: he visited me after 25 years, he was sweet and warm, so nice that he took me to Juliet's balcony to tell me that he loves me... after one year I am here in US with an abuser. Verbal and emotional abuser. I left my job in my hometown, I left actually everything and have nothing to go back for. Not even friends. But I can't stand anymore. I just received my EAD, but the CG is still pending. I really don't understand how could this happen to me, and my son. I have a MA in finance, but I am pretty naive in my private life. How can I avoid deportation? I am desperate. Thank you.

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hi, fortunately you will not lose your green card if you are able to show the emotional and verbal abuse. Feel free to come into my office in downtown Chicago for a confidential and free consultation. Email or call for an appointment.

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Thank you so much! I will do something!

Dhenu Mitesh Savla

Dhenu Mitesh Savla


You are welcome!


If your spouse is abusive it may be possible to self petition for a green card. Speak with and retain an attorney. My firm handles these types of cases.
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You may file for a relief under the violence against women act, VAWA. This is America. You should not allow him to abuse you.

Good luck

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