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Divorce and vehicle

Canton, NY |

So my wife and I are no longer together. After we split I traded in my jeep for a newer vehicle I have only made a few months payments on it. She wouldn't b able to afford a lawyer for court. Can she get anything from me for the vehicle. I also am a co signer with someone on another vehicle will I need to let that be known as well? Or can that debt on the cosign be a good thing for me to show I have more debt that assets?

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If the vehicle is worth about what the lien on it would be, then she might not get much. You should talk to a lawyer in your area to get more details. If your wife isn't going to contest the divorce and you can agree on the terms, then you might be able to have an uncontested divorce. Good luck.


I agree with the previous post. A vehicle that you own is considered a martial asset. However, if the loan on the vehicle is more than the value of the car then you could agree to simply keep the vehicles and the debts.

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If she's not contesting the divorce, then you don't necessarily need to "disclose" any assets at all. The burden will be on her to file the proper papers to contest any assets, assuming she's been properly served with the divorce summons. Schedule a consult with a Divorce attorney in your area.

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