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If a man files for a divorce in the state of FL, in June, then the woman files for divorce in the state of TN, in July...which state would the divorce take place in?

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It will depend on where the two of you last lived together and how long you have lived in Florida.
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If she has established legal residency in Tennessee and you have legal residence in Florida (having resided here for at least 6 months prior to filing) then both States potentially have jursidiction and then typically the one filed first would take precedence IF she was served prior to filing in Tennessee. If there are children involved, then the State in which those children reside would have jurisdiction over all of the child issues, provided they have been in that State for at least six months. If she only recently moved to Tennessee, then it is possible that she hasn't yet established legal residency there which would mean that Tennessee would not have jurisdiction. So, as you can see, more information needs to be obtained in order to completely and accurately answer your question.

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