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Asked in New York, NY - less than a minuteI want to fill for my divorce, I am a permanent resident, I got my green card through the marriage 5 years ago. I am pretty sure my husband is going to agree without a problem. We don't have any properties or children together. How long and how much can the divorce cost. Ill like to start the process as soon as possible.

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You should meet with an attorney to discuss your case in person. Use the "Find a Lawyer" link above and make some appointments. Most of them offer free or low cost initial consultations. I think you will find the advice well worth the cost.

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The attorney fees may vary, but at minimum the court costs will be $335.00. This is for the purchase of the index number (210), filing of the Note of Issue and RJI (125).

If you do not required a separation agreement, then you may only incur attorney fees of 1000 to 3000 dollars.

Rory Alarcon, Esq., is a New York attorney practicing the areas of Family Law, Matrimonial Law, Foreclosure Defense, Consumer Defense and other areas of general practice primarily in Suffolk & Nassau County. His office, Alarcon Law Firm, practices only in New York State and offers the best attorney rates in the Long Island area. His office may be reached at (631) 867-2348.


It's tough to provide an estimate for how much divorce will cost because the cost depends on a variety of factors. I recommend researching experienced divorce attorneys in your area for a consultation. Good luck.


If you have no children, no assets and no disputes, the divorce will not be expensive at all. As the other attorney has mentioned, the filing fees are going to be a little over $300. The fees for an attorney to review your rights, options and obligations with you will and to prepare the papers is usually based upon the time, but many attorneys will offer a flat fee for this service. Good luck!

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If the divorce is uncontested it need not be expensive. The filing fees are generally in the $360-435 range. Attorney costs are additional.

How long it takes depends upon the backlog on the day you file.

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Simple uncontested divorces in NYC have filing fees of $335 and legal costs as low as $265. Shop around.

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Attorneys fees do vary - with the proviso that you get what you pay for. If you pay a very low fee, expect a rushed & error-prone service. That said, shop around & hire who you feel comfortable with.

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