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Dist/Del/Manf/Produce Or Attempt To Or Possess W/Intent To Dist/Del/Manf/Produce A Controlled Substance (Felony B RSMo: 195.211)

Saint Louis, MO |

My brother has two charges of this. I believe for marijuana and cocaine. His bail is set at $100,000. What is he up against? Apparently the NE MO Task Force invaded his Frat and found all this.

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He needs experienced representation as soon as possible. Each charge is a class B felony in Missouri, punishable by 5-15 years in prison. If he has two counts, that means he could face up to 30 years in prison. Many other things could happen and there is no way to know a likely outcome without knowing all the facts, circumstances and evidence. These are very serious charges and he needs the help of an experienced and successful criminal defense trial attorney.

This answer represents this attorney's opinion regarding a general question. All cases and situations are very fact specific and require a thorough knowledge of all facts, circumstances, and evidence to give proper advice. The opinion expressed here is for general information purposes and is not meant to be taken as specific advice or as forming any attorney-client relationship. I highly recommend that you discuss your situation with an experienced attorney in this area to obtain specific advice on your situation.


Your brother needs a good attorney who is experienced in all phases of the criminal trial process. You mentioned "task force" and that your brother was "invaded" which suggests a search warrant was probably used to arrest your brother and gather evidence. There are a number of potential hearings prior to trial that could come into play: bond hearing, preliminary hearing, suppression hearing, etc. Speak to an experienced criminal law attorney as soon as possible. It's possible one may visit your brother while he is in jail.

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