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Dissipation of marital assets and personal property

West Palm Beach, FL |

My spouse has been selling off/disposing of my personal property for months prior to and since filing for divorce. Both cars (leased in my name) have been repossessed; one just days after separation and the other driven by them for months after the required lease return. Since filing they have purchased a new car for themselves; I now have no vehicle. Majority of my belongings have been thrown away and numerous listings on Craigslist for other items uncovered months prior to separation and since filing.
I have provided the courts with a timely Answer to Dissolution and provided evidence of these facts asking for temporary injunction. Courts have set mediation for 6 wks from now. Is there any motion I can file to stop them from more disposal of belongings and assets? Thank yo

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Most Florida Circuit Courts issue what is called "standing Order" that addresses these issues. You can file a motion for contempt of the standing order.



This is something I have yet to hear or read about until you responded. I will do some research on this matter. Thank you for this information and your response.


Have you spoken to your attorney about this?

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