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Disorderly Conduct overview, and what to do now?

Staten Island, NY |

I got charge a class a misdemeanor and hired a lawyer that had gotten me disorderly conduct. During arraignment I didn't get the charges read to me, I entered a plea for disorderly conduct. I know this will seem a bit odd to ask but what is my exact charge? Because on the DAT it list the specific misdemeanor, on webcrims it says petty larceny instead.

My lawyer said everything will be sealed and to continue apply for work and school. He didn't say anything about a 1yr time frame. How can I check to see if it was sealed immediately? During 1yr it will list the charge and disorderly conduct as result, then my record will be cleaned except for court records and disorderly conduct will show for officer/security related jobs or arrested again.

If I go back to school in the medical field, such as nursing or xray tech, will disorderly conduct show up and the original charge? Its the original charge that worries me the most. If DC shows up after the 1yr, will it say the original charge? Or just DC? I know a DC is suppose to be sealed in 1yr but I hear it still shows up. Why? But sionce DC is a violation, will it even show on a background criminal check right now? Is it completely blank? Or will it list the DC for a yr? I want to go for medical and looking to find a part time retail/fast food position. Thanks

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In NYC part of the condition of getting a reduced charge [the misdemeanor charges were dismissed in exchange for your DC plea] is that you receive a conditional discharge along with any other punishment you may receive fines, community service, classes, etc.

The conditional discharge essentially states that you muct complete whatever punishment you were given, pay the court fees, and stay out of trouble for one year - dont get rearrested. If you do not fulfill these conditions, you can go to jail up to a maximum of 15 days.

Remember the record that you're concerned about is not a "criminal" record as you have no criminal conviction since a DC is a violation and not a crime.

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