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Disorderly Conduct

Clio, MI |

I was with my friend at walmart and hes 19 he decided to steal, i wasnt with him or around him and didnt know he was stealing till when he was about to walk out of the store i saw his jacket stuffed and hes really skinny so it was obvious. But after he got caught the police were called and i walked out a minute or 2 after i saw him getting caught. i was panicking because he got caught and i knew he was going to jail. so i walked out of the parking lot and back around to my car. They cuffed me even though i didnt do anything and just because i took him to the store and was with him and charged me with disorderly conduct. I didnt do anything though. I have court this upcoming monday. They also took a nintendo 3ds out of my car that was brand new but mine. and police say theyre keeping it?

I dont get how they can take my private property and say theyre going to keep it? its mine. I cant afford to have anything on my record because im joining the United States Airforce and i dont want them to not accept me in or anything and i want to keep my record clean because i honestly did nothing wrong, they charged me with disorderly conduct because they had nothing else they could charge me with. also they impounded my vehicle because they were saying my 3ds was stolen. but it was mine. brand new never opened. i won it from an arcade machine at outdoor adventures.

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Attorney answers 4


You need a lawyer's help. Don't get convicted of something you did not do

The answer to this question does not constitute legal advice nor does create a client relationship with the attorney answering this question. For more specific advice regarding your situation, please consult your lawyer.


Get a retained attorney and fight. Don't plead to anything you did not do. What is your friend saying? Is he saying you were in on it?


Get an attorney quickly.


Yes you need an attorney and fight this case. I would add do not hang around with this friend or you will be back in trouble. Good Luck!