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Disobeying visitation court orders

San Diego, CA |

1. What does one do if other party has contuously made visitation with child not happen. 4X in 3 weeks. I brought it up in court but it seemed the judge didn't really care. Are the police supposed to get involved for official record purposes. I would think me just saying that the other party didn't show up isn't enough.

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If you have court ordered visitation, it may be beneficial for you to go to your local precinct and ask them the protocol. Having a record of this may help you in the future. Keeping a journal religiously of when vistations are scheduled and what occurs each time, may be helpful to you in court should the need arise.


The court will consider it if you bring an OSC re Contempt against the other party.

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You need to make sure you keep a log of all the visitations and any trouble the mother causes. Then you need to regularly look over your notes and discuss them with a family law attorney in your area to decide if it is worth going back to court. You have options, but you do not want to waste time and money. You can consider contempt actions, modification of custody, or something else.

Good luck!

If you are in San Diego County call 1-800 DIVORCE


Based on my experience, you would have a hard time if not impossible winning a contempt hearing against a parent who refuses to see his or her child on the court ordered scheduled days. So, you would be wasting your time an money. Your best course of action would be, as some of my colleagues have suggested, to keep a log of the percentage of the time you have the child and move for an order to change visitation and child support.

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