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Disobeyed a traffic control device..

Bedford, NY |

I recieved a disobeyed traffic control device on 684 in Bedford, NY. I am a PBA member in NJ and showed the officer my credentials. I was wondering what the chances were of getting a lesser charge via plea bargain. I know the charge is less than speeding, but I have a clean driving record and dont want the points.

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You violated section 1110a of the vehicle and traffic law. This charge can usually be pled down to a violation of section 1201a, parking on payment. This charge is a parking ticket that carrys no points as a penalty and has a fine up to $150.


The Westchester County courts are there for one purpose -- to raise revenue for the Towns. Depending on your record, your case can probably be plead down to a fine with little or no points. I beat a u-turn case in Bedford a few years ago. Feel free to contact me.



It sounds like you probably already received a roadside reduction from speeding down to failure to obey a traffic control device in violation of VTL 1110-a which is punishable by a fine of up to $150.00, up to 15 days in jail, 2 points on a New York driving record and a mandatory surcharge of $85.00. It could also trigger an insurance surcharge depending upon your insurance carriers merit plan. If you have a NJ driver's license, a conviction on this charge would add two points to your New Jersey driving record.

Many -not all- prosecutors would offer you a plea to parking on pavement in violation of VTL 1201-a which is punishable by a fine up to $150.00, up to 15 days in jail, 0 points and no mandatory surcharge. A conviction of parking on pavement does not get reported to the NYS DMV and thus does not get recorded on a New York State driving record.

I suggest you contact a local traffic ticket attorney who is familiar with the plea reduction policies of the prosecutor responsible for handling tickets in the court where your ticket is returnable. I also invite you to to read more about New York speeding and traffic tickets by visting my website at: .

I hope you find the above helpful.

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George P. Conway

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As you've read in the other responses, an 1110(a) conviction will result in two (2) points assessed to your record. It is the lowest-point moving violation. Based on your record, it may not be too tough to swallow.

But I have disposed of more tickets in Bedford than I can remember. And while I cannot guarantee that you will be able to get your ticket reduced, it can't hurt to give it a shot! I'll assume that since you received the ticket on 684, it was issued by a trooper. You will therefore have to negotiate with the special prosecutor. If you have a clean record, and can provide a reasonable explanation for the incident, there is a fair chance of reducing the ticket to something like a parking ticket, which is a zero (0) point violation that doesn't appear on your record.

I do have to ask tho, is it possible that you were given a roadside reduction? Officers, troopers in particular, RARELY actually issue someone a ticket for an 1110(a). That's not to say it doesn't happen, but it is rare. I would therefore caution you that if the officer did give you a roadside, you should know that if the officer is present in court and learns that you are trying to further reduce the ticket, he may attempt to amend the ticket to the more serious charge which he stopped you for in the first place. Just something to think about.