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Discrimination and retaliation on my son because of his ADHD and him reporting his teacher.

Dry Prong, LA |

My son has been coming home depressed, like his entire personality and self esteem has been lowered, constantly being asked by his teacher in front of students if he has taken his ADHD meds which I chose to take him off of because suicidal thoughts. Being made to sit out at recess because he didn't get a paper signed that was at my discretion for email alerts, or because he didn't work a problem out the way the teacher wanted but by the way he knew how. Spoke to the principal about HIPPA laws and nothing is being done. Now the teacher and principal has retaliated and decided they wanted to put my son in the 504 program and the reason being is because he doesn't take medicine and they feel it may be to much for him in the classroom, but he has been bringing home A's with being in the class.

The principal also threatened me with OCS or child protection because I choose my sons life over his meds. I have never seen my son like he is now and the principal also stated that the particular teacher is now nervous of a law suit. Ok why is that. If I was a teacher I would be worried about a suspension.

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Have you spoken to anyone at the school board to express your concerns?

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I have and they are trying to protect the teacher

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