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Discovery request, what does it cover?

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I had the other parent properly and timely served with a discovery request (DISC-015 form), The other parent did not serve me with anything. No documents, no witness list, not even the FL-320. Does that basically mean that nothing can be presented at trial (assuming my Motion in limine to Preclude evidence not disclosed in discovery is granted)? Or would they still be able to present the FL-320 even if they never served it on me?
The other parent has been very uncooperative (never served me any responding papers or evidence and never attended mediation). This is for custody / visitation.

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I'm going to edit the practice area of your post to "Family" for better exposure.

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I am a bit confused as to whether this is a hearing or a trial. If you have not even gotten a response, I will assume this is a hearing.
If you want your discovery, you must meet and confer and then do a Motion to Compel. Consult with an attorney, even if for an hour.
If the other parent is not responding, and does not show up, you will likely just get the orders requested.