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Disclose felony on application.

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If adjudication was withheld - you do not have a felony and may honestly answer that you have nver been convicted of a felony.
If the question is whether you have ever been arrested, then you cannot truthfully say no.
Falsifying an employment application is likely to lead to a termination down the road in the event you were hired and the employer later found out.

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Providing false information on an employment application is grounds for immediate termination. If asked were you ever convicted of a felony, answer "No". If asked were you ever arrested for a felony, you must answer "Yes". Honesty is always the best policy.

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Adjudication withheld means your were never convicted so you don't have to disclose that. Regarding arrests, Florida does not have a law prohibiting employer from asking that questions so you need to answer truthfully. However, the potential employer may not use that information to automatically deny you a job. Go to and read the EEOC guidelines titled "Pre-Employment Inquiries and Arrest & Conviction".

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