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Difference between VC 21453(a) and VC 21453(b)

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I received a ticket back in February in California for VC 21453(b) and went in for an arraignment just recently. I was completely blindsided by the fees the judge was throwing at me since those werent the ones that where marked down when they sent my original courtesy notice as well as the information posted on their online case info website. These fees were for VC 21453(a) which they had just changed/updated without my knowledge just in the past few weeks. My issue now is i've requested a trial and dont want to end up paying extra when thats not what was originally printed. I did indeed make one of those "california stops" making a right turn onto the freeway as the light was changing from yellow to red. What actions should i take.

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Even on the micro level of traffic law, the prosecution can amend the charges prior to trial. The defense always argues against it but in the end the judge always allows it. As for your title question section (a) deals with blowing straight through a stop sign while section (b) deals with the right turn without stopping. You should ask for a trial by declaration first and after you've gone through all the different levels of defense if you still lose ask the judge for traffic school. He retains the power to give it to you even after a trial.


Tickets can always be amended prior to trial. The judge is the person who controls the fines. You can fight this ticket by a TBD, going to trial yourself, or retaining a traffic ticket attorney.

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