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Didn't know license was suspended. What should I plea in court?

Bremerton, WA |

I had my license suspended for not paying a ticket. i found out 2 years later and paid the fees (out of state). Thought I was good to go but The state i got my ticket in never informed the state of Washington i was clear. Now i got pulled over for my tail lights being out and a summons to court for the suspension. The very next day I made a series of phone calls and faxes and got my license reissued. now i have this court date. What should I plead so I have a chance to explain what happened.

Thanks for the advice. Just showing up in court (only 10 out of 30 cases showed) they reduced the DWLS 3rd Degree to No valid license, just a civil infraction with a $124.00 fine. Glad to be finally through with it all.

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Here in North Carolina, many ADA's will dismiss or reduce a driving while license revoked/suspended charge upon reinstatement of a valid license, provided the suspension was not a product of a DUI/DWI.

Also, the DMV must inform you if and when your license is suspended. They have to produce record that they sent and you received notice of this suspension. So, if you can't get the charge reduced or suspended, there's always the option to plead not guilty and make the State show that you received notice of the suspension. You would likely want a lawyer if you get to this point.

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