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Didn't get a job b/c of a person who went to a potential employer that I had applied for and told lies about me. What can I do?

Milwaukee, WI |

I had applied for a nursing position at a healthcare facility. A nurse at the facility told me that the HR person came to her and told her that they were planning to hire me but after hearing what a client had said about me, they decided not to hire me. The client had told the HR person complete lies about me since the client doesn't like my husband's family. She took the opportunity to sabotage me by going to HR and telling nasty lies about me. The HR person decided not to hire me because of that. However, isn't that discrimination? Can I sue the person for defamation? Or can I take the facility to court? I am really upset about this. I lost a potential job because of the client, and the facility didn't hire me because of the lies they heard. What can I do? Thanks for any help.

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If the person told lies, you can prove they told the lies, and you can prove you would have been hired if it weren't for those lies, you have grounds for a defamation case. If you have proof of all of this, I welcome you to call me in order to discuss further.