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Did my bank apply too much of my payments to interest instead of the principal loan balance?

Orlando, FL |

Well i started a auto loan with a bank and it has been several years but now that I have looked back at my history I feel I have been severely over charge for the interest, and I have gone to the bank with my concerns and they tried to explain to me its an immersion system so since i have been late several times over the years that this effects the amounts applied to interest..... but it is always changing going up and down whether I pay early or late or double. So I don't know if they are lying to me to cover the butt or if I am just wrong and it is what they say it is...any options for me?

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No way for us to tell on this side of the computer--take all your documents and have them reviewed again at your bank--in an attempt to make sure YOU understand the situation (as it appears from your post you do not) THEN go see an attorney in your area and discuss what you believe to determine if any state laws or regulations have been violated under the contract you have with this bank.

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