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Did my apartment manager do anything illegal/wrong by showing up at my work?

Mesa, AZ |

I spoke with the manager of my apartment complex about issues I have had with unresolved maintenance requests. The conversation went well and he said he would research what is going on and call me in a few days, and he also got my work address and said it was to update my file. Three days later he showed up at my work with muffins to "cheer me up." I was off that day but had gotten a call from security to let me know I had a visitor. A bit later while walking my dog he found me and said he went to my work and he gave me the muffins and said he does this randomly for different residents. I don't know if I believe that and it made me feel very uneasy. Is what he did on the lines of harassment? I hate to overreact if it could be construed as a nice gesture but I feel very uncomfortable.

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It is not illegal, and a one time incident is not harassment. Politely tell him you do not want him to do it again. If he does, then have a lawyer send him a cease and desist letter. If he does it again, then you may have enough for some type of restraining order.

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