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Did I get a good deal in my outcome? How will this affect my getting job, How will this DUI on my record affect me in life?

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I am a 1st offender, DUI. I got an attorney on my case, the outcome was 3 yrs probation, $1810.00 in court fines, & 4 months t traffic school. I paid my attorneys $2,000. I was stopped at a check point and arrested for DUI. I stayed overnight and released the next morning. I had no priors. I did get a DUI in 1998 and it showed up on my record even though it was expunged. My attorney had me to plea "no contest" in this case. The 2 days work for the Sheriff's Office was dropped.

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First, you can expunge your record but that only applies to private employers not the government or a government employer, so if you go for job interview with a government agency, you must disclose it. Second, with regard to the DUI, you don't give enough facts. What was your BAC? Was it blood or breath? If the 2 days of jail was dropped, the attorney saved you 16 hours of picking up trash and you pay for that. If you wanted to go to trial, then you should have paid the attorney for trial, and paid for the expert which runs about $2000 per day, usually only 1 day, and gone to trial usually about 4-5 days in trial. Did you get the breath records, or the blood records? Overall from what you have told us, you did alright.


These are all very specific to you details you needed to go over with your attorney for resolving your case. Why would you go over it now that it is likely too late? That's like getting a doctor's second opinion AFTER you've had the surgery.
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That sounds like the standard punishment for a 1st DUI (the 1998 case does not count against you because it is more than ten years old). So basically you paid an attorney to get what you would have gotten anyway.


You seem to have the idea that your prior DUI was erased because you think you had it expunged. Not so. There are no expungements in California, only post-conviction dismissals. And those do not erase the record of the previous offense, they only add a note to the record about the post-conviction dismissal.

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