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Deven Trabosh- Is It Legal to Sell Yourself with a House?

Palm Beach Gardens, FL |

I read that Deven Trabosh, a woman in Florida, is selling her home along with herself for $500,000. Is that legal?

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Of course it would not be legal to sell yourself along with your house. This is merely a gimmick to sell the house. In fact e-Bay took her ad off their website because they don't allow the "sale of relationships."


I looked up an article about this individual. It appears that Ms. Trabosh is selling her house and her "heart" (or companionship) in exchange for $500,000. I am not aware of any Florida Statute that would prohibit such conduct. If Ms. Trabosh was offering sexual services, then obviously that would violate the prohibition against prostitution (Section 796.07, Fla. Stat.); however, it does not appear that her actions are tantamount to such. If anything, Ms. Trabosh's offer seems on a level with advertising as an escort, which in and of itself, is legal and such service can be found in our telephone directories.


It is questionable at best. It seems to me that she is selling more than just her "heart." If one sells a "relationship" that includes the benefits of marriage, it seems to me that would include sexual favors. Under our current law, that would be unlawful. Personally, I have no problem with it if she can find some fool to do it, and she better be good at everything.


Aside from the criminal law, it is very hard to imagine what kind of a contract Deven might sign "selling herself", in any of the possible interpretations of the word, that could be enforced against her in a court of law. It might make a very popular movie script, though.