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Departmental Labor Market Analysis Role at Unemployment Hearing?

Appleton, WI |

I am wondering why I have to attend another UI hearing with a Labor Market Analyst present. There was no answer during the first hearing and this is considered a continuation. Would this help me as the employee or make it worse? Should I attend again or just give up. This seems too involved and I thought I would just get a simple answer.

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A Labor Market Analyst will likely appear by phone at the request of the Administrative Law Judge. Labor Market Analysts are often used to determine if an offer of employment was "legitimate" (most commonly to answer the question of whether the pay rate offered was appropriate in the market) for purposes of determining eligibility for unemployment benefits if a job offer was denied.
Without additional facts, it is difficult to determine if continued pursuit of the benefits is likely to be successful. You may want to consider consulting with an attorney who is experienced with unemployment benefits.


I doubt that an actual "labor market analyst" will be present. Usually at these hearings a report from a labor market analyst is used to show statistics in aiding the ALJ in determining whether you're eligible for benefits. You don't provide enough information on your claim (i.e., whether you quit or were terminated, etc.). If you want to collect UI benefits then you have to be prepared to battle it out in hearings. Perhaps hiring an attorney is best.



The letter says that each party will have an opportunity to ask questions of the Labor Market Analyst. I cannot afford an attorney because of not receiving UI since Nov 2013. I worked for the company 23 years.