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Denton county probation - drug testing/alcohol

Lewisville, TX |

My only charge is criminal trespassing.
My question is: I'm currently 5 months pregnant and was told by my probation officer that I was drinking while pregnant she would have to call CPS to report it. I do have an OK to drink a glass of wine every once and a while (slipped disc) because I refuse to take muscle relaxers and pain meds my dr tries to prescribe me.I have not been drinking due to the fact that I don't want to cause damage to my child, however this Sat i was in so much pain I had 1 glass of wine. Monday I was called for a random drug test and scared it will show up. Does denton county test for drugs and alcohol? Other than that everything else is ok. I've completed community service and payments are made on time, and im always on time for my appts

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Attorney answers 1


Denton County Probation does test for alcohol and drugs. Alcohol usually only shows up 24-48 hours after consumption. I doubt that one glass of wine on a Saturday will show up on Monday. If it does, do not admit to it until having a detailed conversation with an attorney.