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Dentist started root canal and 3 fillings and never finished!

Trenton, GA |

I'll give a brief explanation of my "situation." In December I seen dentist for a wisdom extraction & root canal. He pulled the wisdom and damaged the one next to it. When I asked about it and told him that it was painful, he blew me off. This was at my root canal therapy visit. I paid both the root canal and extraction in full. My ins. paid some and I paid the rest. He only done part of the root canal and gave me an appt to come back the next month. I went in half expecting him to finish my root canal when he did not. He drilled and temporarily filled 3 other teeth. I'd had several visits with him by this point and he didn't one time speak of finishing my root canal therapy. Note, this was months ago. He said he used all my ins. during the TEMPORARY fillings and sent me on my way without

the finished RCT or finishing the fillings! They told me at the filling visit that they'd used all my insurance so I wouldn't get another appt! I left without paying for that visit because first off, drilling my teeth and putting TEMPORARY fillings and leaving it like that was more damage than help and for two, if they didn't plan on finishing the fillings or the RCT, why pay MORE? up until that day, every procedure was paid IN full. However, I need these damaged teeth fixed and if that dentist milked my insurance and said he used it all, how do I get another dentist to help me?! I'm scared and desperate and sick of hurting. Id love to find another dentist who'll fix the mistakes, work with me on a payment plan since he took all my ins. Is this even possible!? OF course an attorney will be more than appreciated too, but bottom line is I need a dentist who'll help me asap! I'm a college student,can't come up with hundreds and hundreds of dollars again at the moment.

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You should try to get on a payment plan that you can afford. Most dentists will work something out with you.

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If your damages (like medical expenses) end up exceeding $40k or so, and if the previous dentist can be shown to have violated the standard of care, you might have a valid claim. I foresee the biggest challenge is the damage model. These cases take ten of thousands of dollars to litigate. Your damages must be extensive to economically justify the cost of the suit.

I am not a georgia attorney. You will need to consult with a local attorney to get competent advice regarding state law and the statute of limitations.



Thank you both for your advice. I have contacted another dentist and asked if they would be so kind as to work on a payment plan with me. My previous dentist, the one I'm upset with over this, absolutely would not do any payment plan. They demanded it paid in full upfront or no treatment. I understand that being too expensive to pursue. My biggest problem really is not that I want to see the guy out of business--although I do have strong feelings against how he treated me as a patient--I just want my problems fixed and for him to not do these types of things to another patient. Take advantage of patients almost. I'm bothered that he's caused me real life problems because of the damage he done and that I will have to pay to have HIS stupidity fixed. Thank you both again. I do appreciate the help. I told my story to a GA attorney and am expecting a call back. I don't know really what to expect with this and understand that like Marc said, it's something that the cost would outweigh the pros. I considered complaining to the ADA or whatever, but I think they mostly try to work out a situation where the dentist will re-do his mistakes to "avoid the courts" and clearly I don't want that dentist going back into my mouth.


It does not sound like malpractice. If you like the dentist, try to work something out with him. A payment plan is a possibility.

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