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Dental malpractice lawsuit in north carolina, dentist damaged tooth

Charlotte, NC |

I went to the dentist last May. He was re-doing a cavity on my top front tooth. Once complete I noticed it had ridges in it from which he must have hit bottom of tooth with tool. Once I pointed out that to them he filed it away, however making my tooth much shorter, especially shorter than other front tooth. I have xrays from what my teeth looked like BEFORE the damge and have not seen a dentist since them. It is uneven and looks awful. He said he cant do anything about it. Now I will need to see a dentist to correct this or be stuck looking awful and having incorrect . I biting/chewing . I dont feel I shpuld be responsible financially for correcting HIS error.

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Once you have a cost-of-repair estimate from another dentist, you should consider sending a demand letter to the first dentist that he pay for your remedial treatment. (The first dentist might be able to negotiate a discounted price with the second dentist.) If the first dentist is unwilling to do this, you should consider retaining a lawyer. Good luck.

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