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Denied VA unemployment b/c I voluntarily quit to relocate with my spouse. Does military PCS orders count as 'good cause'?

Norfolk, VA |

I worked for the Navy Exchange (federal employer) for 2.5 years. I was disqualified for unemployment because 'the claimant voluntarily quit her job to relocate with her spouse' (sited VA code 60.2-618). However, my unemployment was NOT voluntary. My spouse received accompanied Permanent Change of Service (PCS) ORDERS to Texas. Accompanied means his family joins him at the military's expense.
I informed my boss 3 months before we PCS'd. The functions of my job allow for me to work remotely. However, I was flatly denied by my boss. I inquired several times and was told 'no' several times. I want to appeal but need to know if my case shows 'good cause' for it to be approved.

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Make an appointment with the Legal Assistance Officer on base. They should be able to help you and their service is free. Best of luck.


Section 60.2-618(1) was revised to recognize good cause for spouses who quit their jobs to relocate with a military spouse. However, this provision only applies if the Federal government specifically allocates funds to pay benefits to spouses who qualify under this section. Section 60-2-618(1)(ii) passed constitutional muster. Austin v. Berryman, 878F.2d 786 (4th Cir. 1989)

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It sounds like Ms. Wucnich is up to speed on this. You might want to consult with her about possibly assisting you.

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