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Denied unemployment due to student status

Chicago, IL |

I worked and attended school for the last 3 years. I was recently laid off and deemed ineligible for unemployment due to being a student. I am in classes full time and have been seeking work and will continue to look until I find something. I am available to work 4 full days out of the week. 6 days if the position has shift work. I have juggled shift work and attending school without a problem. I regret being honest and mentioning my school status. I am almost done with my studies but still have a mortgage to pay. What are my best options for the appeal hearing? Should I have counsel present during the call? I am going through my savings very quickly due to this denial. :-(

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Without all the facts, it is impossible to answer your question. You should consult with an experienced employment attorney who will be able to better guide you.


You should absolutely have counsel. Being a student does not automatically disqualify you from benefits. Please contact a qualifiesd attornet/firm. My firm routinely handles unemployment matters


Being honest may have saved you a whole lot of grief. I absolutely agree with my colleague that you should seek counsel. I do not do this type of work, and if you can find someone qualified who does, I would give it serious thought.

Answering this question does not set up a attorney-client relationship between us. My comments do not constitute legal advice. If you would like to pursue representation, please contact me.

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