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Denied Social Security Disability benefits

City Of Industry, CA |

After representing myself at the Social Security hearing, I have received an unfavorable decision. After a fall from my bicycle, I no longer have the range of motion needed to allow me to work in my field. My union sent me to one of their doctors and agreed I can no longer perform the duties of an electrician. What are my options?

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In order to be awarded benefits, most claimants (dependent on age and a few other factors) must not only be unable to perform their past work, but also be incapable of performing any other work available in the national economy. You may just have to find other work.

Your options? Contact a local attorney who specializes in Social Security Disability to discuss your options in greater detail than can be discussed here. You can go to or use the search tool here on Avvo to find local lawyers.

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In addition to the correct and concise answer of Ms. Stevens, you may have available to you a state agency that provides job retraining at no charge. Any attorney who practices disability law should be able to direct you to that resource.

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I agree with my colleagues that the inability to do you prior employment is not the test that Social Security uses. You must be unable to do any job, or, depending on how old you are, be extremely limited in your work ability. You should check with your union for what disability benefits may be available through them. Good Luck.

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