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Delayed receipt of alimony and non execution of a deed required in the marital dissoluton

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As stated in the Marital dissolution
1) transitional alimony will be received starting in 2009 up to 60 months. NO other clauses about discontinuation if remarries. I am remarried. My ex-spouse has intentionally delayed the alimony for 3 months now. Can i remind her and tell her that i could file her in contempt if she will still not comply.

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I would suggest that you write her a letter explaining the problems that her late payments or non-payments cause you financially. In the letter you may also want to indicate that you do not want to go to court because you can't afford it but you will if she fails to make the payments,

If she does not have the funds to make the payment, the court may not find her in contempt. Contempt of Court may be defined as the intentional failure to follow a court's order. If she does not have the abiliity to pay, the court may not hold her in contempt., You need to discuss with your divorce attorney asap.

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