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Define temporary guardianship of a minor child.

Hayward, CA |

what legal rights do a grandparent have with temporary guardianship have of a minor child.

my mother-in-law was watching my children for me while my husband was incarcerated i had just had a difficult birth and she offered to help me she took them from texas were i live to arkansas were she lives till i recovered 2 weeks after she had them she filed for a temp. guardianship and got it because i was never notified she lied to the court and said that she did not know my address (how stupid they must be to think she did not know) my husband is now home and we can not affort an attorney legal aid wont help dont we have right she wont even let us take them to the store or hardly see them what can we do about this legal kidnapping she even said if we gave her 5000 dollars she would give them back what can we do??????????????

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