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Deferred Adjudication or Not

Houston, TX |

I am a resident physician in Houston, TX. A charge of indecent exposure has been brought against me by a complaining witness- no other witnesses or evidence involved. I had a warrant for my arrest, for which I went it for booking and was released on bail. Pretrial hearing is set for next month. I don't know what to expect. My attorney believes I might be offered deferment.

Should I take this? How will having deferment affect my professional licensing?
If not, how can I contact the ADA for plea bargaining? at what stage is plea bargaining done? I would settle for a reduced offer but I don't know how to go about it.

OR should I just take my chances with a trial by jury?

Thank you for your time.

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Attorney answers 3


You have alot on the line and alot to worry about. You are represented by counsel and that is the person that these questions should be directed at. There is no legitimate way to advise a person on whether to take a plea or go to trial without reviewing the case in its entirety and knowing all of the facts.

The question you need to asked yourself is whether you trust your attorney. If you do, then follow his advice. If you don't, then you need to find and hire an attorney you trust. Your attorney should be able to answer all of these questions including the professional licensing questions. This type of case requires a high skilled attorney and they will be expensive but you future is in jeopardy.

Under no circumstances should you alk to the ADA!! Let your lawyer do his job as anything he says can't be used against you.



Based on what you have written, it appears that you have a serious concern with what is going on in your case. The questions you have asked need to be addressed with your attorney. Without reveiwing the specific facts of your case, it is nearly impossible to provide any guidance. Ultimately, you have to be confident in your relationship with your attorney and have trust.



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